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Platinum Complete Package
Platinum Complete Package

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NutraFoods Omega 3 Fish Oil – Fruit Flavor -  1,500mg EPA/DHA per serving– 16oz
NutraFoods Omega 3 utilized a proprietary purification process that guarantees it’s free of heavy metals, contaminates, and PCB.  Clinically proven to provide superior absorption over ordinary fish oils through a process called emulsification which reduces the size of the large omega droplets into smaller droplets.   Omega 3 helps support a healthy heart, brain, skin, hair and joints.   NutraFoods liquid form is delicious tasting, with a creamy texture and does not have a fish taste or cause common burp backs associated with other fish oil products.

NutraFoods 100% Natural Vitamin E– 400IU per softgel-   60 Softgels
NutraFoods is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality of 100% Natural-Source Vitamin E with mixed tocopherols.  Studies support the body’s preference for Natural Vitamin E which is derived from soybean oil, a natural food source, over synthetic Vitamin E.  Research also shows natural Vitamin E to have twice the biological activity of synthetic brands, and is retained within the body longer.  Vitamin E is an important nutrient and is considered a powerful antioxidant that can protect cells and tissues from the effects of reactive oxygen species (radicals).

NutraFoods Probiotic– 10 billion CFU’s per capsule-  60 Vegetarian Capsules
NutraFoods probiotics was designed using specific strains to help restore proper balance of good and bad bacteria while improving absorption of nutrients.
Probiotics are living microorganisms, also known as “friendly bacteria” that occur naturally in the human digestive tract.  Foods, such as yogurt, kefir, and others, contain probiotics and have been used throughout history to help improve overall health and vitality.  Probiotics help support a healthy gastrointestinal and immune system and help maintain digestive balance.    Many individuals have an overabundance of unhealthy bacteria or have depleted many of the “good” bacteria from medications, over use of antibiotics, or poor diets.  

NutraFoods Gluten Enzyme– Berry Flavor-  60 Chewable Tablets
NutraFoods Gluten Enzyme was developed to assist in the digestion of grains and dairy products.  Sensitivity to these foods can be attributed to the incomplete digestion of certain peptides found in gluten and dairy protein.  Certain peptides found in gluten and dairy protein result in incomplete digestion and sensitivity to these foods.  In addition, NutraFoods Gluten Enzyme contains carbohydrate digesting enzymes that help facilitate breakdown of starches and fibers the surround gluten proteins and the enzyme Lactase, to further aid in dairy lactose digestion.