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Noted Medical Authority Speaks Out On the Relationship of Autism and Diet

There are many theories on what causes autism, but research has suggested a strong connection linking food intolerances and allergies to autism symptoms. Dr. Weil, a recognized authority in the field of autism, has published his expert recommendations on the best way to treat autism through diet and nutrition.

Eliminating Dairy and Grains

Casein and gluten, proteins found in dairy and certain grains, respectively, are believed to cause autistic behavior in some children who have intolerances to those proteins. For that reason, Dr. Weil suggests trying a gluten and casein free diet to see if it brings about improvement in autistic behaviors.

Omega-3 Supplementation

Dr. Weil also suggests supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids, as research shows they can help with not only autistic behaviors and symptoms, but also depression, attention deficit disorder, and other conditions that may be associated with autism.


Because probiotics help promote good digestive health, and can decrease the incidences of "leaky gut syndrome," a condition where partially digested food molecules cross through the walls of the intestine and enter the bloodstream, Dr. Weil suggests also including probiotic supplements. Preventing leaky gut syndrome can help minimize the immune reactions triggered by the peptides that result from incomplete gluten and casein digestion, along with other molecules that may enter the bloodstream and central nervous system.

Treating the symptoms of autism through diet and nutrition can help improve digestion, overall physical health and, most importantly, the behavioral issues many with autism face. The advice of renowned expert Dr. Weil is highly respected because it is based on research, experience and practical steps that can get real results.


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